The Zimbabwe Agricultural Professional and Technical Association (ZAPTA), which is the mother association for Agritex officers, has challenged farmers to utilise the services of Agritex officers to maintain last year’s bumper harvest.

This comes as ZAPTA has confirmed that Agritex officers will intensify their operations to guide farmers during the farming season.

ZAPTA President Dumisai Muvishi said they held an annual general meeting with their members a fortnight ago in Bulawayo and tasked them to render technical and professional assistance for the country to reap another bumper harvest in the 2017-2018 farming season.

Part of the assistance will see Agritex officers capacitating farmers with pre-planting know how, fertiliser and soil analysis as well as water conversation techniques.

Mr Muvishi also said officers will also capacitate beef farmers in marginal areas with skills on disease control for the maintenance of a national herd.

The ZAPTA president also urged farmers to take heed of the Meteorological Department’s advice by growing crops that are suited for their locality.