The re-construction and upgrading of the Beitbridge-Masvingo- Harare highway has received a major boost as the Central Mechanical Equipment Department  (CMED) secures state of the art equipment to speed up the rehabilitation of the highway.

The recapitalisation of the CMED has started bearing fruit with the organisation importing a state of the art road reclaimer equipment to speed up the construction of the Masvingo highway.

The earthmoving road reclaimer is a multi-purpose machine which combines grading, crushing, mixing and levelling at one go.

CMED Managing Director Davison Mhaka says under the multi-million dollar recapitalisation programme, the CMED has secured two more state of the art road reclaimers, tippers and other equipment to speed up the expansion of Masvingo highway and other road maintenance projects countrywide.

“This is the first of its kind, the machines reduce the workload done by graders and various other earthmoving equipment as it is multi-functional. We secured this at a cost of $700 000. We have two more that we secured on top of tippers.

“So we want to make sure we provide the necessary equipment to expedite the completion of Masvingo highway and other road rehabilitation projects,” said Mr Mhaka.

Apart from the new equipment secured by CMED, several local companies have also been awarded tenders, as the government home grown policy to create jobs for local communities and empower local engineers continues to bear fruits.