As a bumper maize harvest beacons owing to command agriculture which will increase maize output and enhance food security, the summer cropping season has reached a critical stage of harvesting and marketing.

Experts say a huge task lies in organising for harvesting equipment, transport logistics, storage facilities and guaranteed ease of payments to farmers through the banking system.

Barring all un-foreseen challenges Zimbabwe is poised for a bumper harvest and positive prospects for the domestic economy which is agro-based.

Agriculture experts say logistic problems may be encountered creating need for strategic co-operation in the agriculture value chain.

Zimbabwe Farmers Union executive director Mr Paul Zakariya said the road network and financial exclusion of farmers may pose challenges that have to be overcome.

Domboshava farmer Mr Boniface Mutize says most of the challenges faced during the summer cropping season were overcome but what remains is the delay in harvesting.

In the past middle men have enticed farmers and derailed contract farming arrangements hence the need to look out of side marketing says agriculture expert Isdory Kembo.

With research showing post harvest losses have been known to reach as much as 30 percent of crop harvests, and the summer cropping season drawing to a close, it is now a race against time to ensure that equipment in particular combine harvesters to get the crop out of the fields and the ongoing grain GMB silos refurbishment is expedited in order to ensure that no grain goes to waste.