harare-magistrates-court.03.09.10.jpgThe case of suspected fraudster, Duncan Chinopenga has seen confusion reigning supreme among court officials at Rotten Row Magistrate Court.

Chinopenga was arrested last year and granted bail by the court but skipped bail in December and allegedly committed more offences before he was re-arrested.

When he appeared in court on Wednesday, Chinopenga was denied bail.

However, the following day, another prosecutor took the docket and did not oppose bail and the accused was granted bail by the same magistrate, Mr William Bhilla.

However, Chinopenga did not taste his freedom for long after some complainants queried the move.

Court records were retrieved and Chinopenga was remanded in custody by a different magistrate.

Chinopenga is facing several counts of fraud involving large sums of money.
It is the state’s case that Chinopenga on several occasions approached people and misrepresented to them that he offers loans.

However, Chinopenga would ask his victims to deposit a certain amount which he said was for administration.