Lupane State University (LSU) has stepped up efforts to ensure all the university’s activities are moved from Bulawayo to the Lupane campus through construction of the necessary infrastructure.

The university campus construction works in Lupane started in 2010 with a master plan that sought to have eight faculty buildings and accommodation facilities.

The university has been renting premises in Bulawayo.

One hostel is now complete with partnerships being sought to construct more facilities in order to complete the whole project.

LSU Vice Chancellor Professor Pardon Kusaziwa Kuipa revealed that the September target to complete the hostel and teaching projects was on course and would go a long way in saving over $20 000 that is going towards rentals in Bulawayo.

“We are well on course, being in Bulawayo has really benefited our landlords but we were not ploughing the money that we were sending to landlords into construction. So being here means that money that was supposed to be for rentals is now being ploughed into facilities for teaching and for accommodation,” he said.

While some temporary teaching facilities are being worked on to cater for the increased number of students on campus, a multi-sporting facility is also being constructed at the Lupane campus.

With each hostel having a carrying capacity of 350 students in twos, due to the accommodation challenge, some have had to be as many as four in a single room.

Professor Kuipa said this will be a thing of the past once the project is completed.

“We think that the hostels currently in place should be able to carry that capacity if our students can bear with us in fours in each rooms. That is not the desirable situation but we think that in five years or three years’ time we should have our students in twos per room,” he said.

Lupane State University has a total capacity of 1500 conventional students and 1700 for the parallel and block.

Movement to the Matabeleland North Provincial Capital has been relatively slow across the board as a number of government offices are also still housed at Mhlahlandlela building in Bulawayo.