Workers at a Chinese-run brick making plant in Dzivarasekwa have lamented pathetic working conditions where they suffer verbal abuse, work unpaid holiday shifts, and are made to pay for minor mistakes.

Secret investigations at Foundation Bricks located in Dzivarasekwa, reveal shocking working conditions where employees claim to work long hour shifts for less than the legal minimum wage and also unpaid work during public holidays.

The workers also said they do not have proper protective clothing with revelations that they buy their own gloves to handle hot bricks from other colleagues operating in the same area.

Their hands are visibly damaged from handling hot bricks each minute they are on shift.

This investigation was also exposed to information that workers who accidently drop the bricks are made to pay from their earnings, which means they will be left  with very little from their wages.

In the worst case scenario, they are immediately fired from their jobs.

This news crew followed up with management to inquire on the issues raised by the employees with the human resources manager Mr Nigel Chipisa vehemently denying the allegations, describing them as unfounded.

He claims the workers have protective wear and maybe they had washed them on the day ZBC News crew visited the place.

However, information from the workers reveal otherwise.

In fact, they reliably said labour union representatives have been in and out of the plant, yet somehow their issues have failed to see the light of the day.

This information, the human resources manager does not refute.

After this meeting, the ZBC News made an unexpected visit again to the site, only this time the officials denied us entry to where the workers were with calls being made from one official to the other.

In-between the next hour, this news crew made phone calls to the said responsible persons to take us to where the workers were and see whether they had protective clothing but were denied entry.

The next revelation by the operations manager Mr Craig Chiyambiwa contradicts with what the human resources manager had stated.

The issues at this plant may just be a tip of the iceberg, to some of the worst situations in this sector where locals are reeling under pathetic working conditions that yearn for immediate rescue.