potholes 01-06-11 2.jpgZimbabweans are fast realising, they are what makes Zimbabwe with a local cleric initiating a pothole filling project after courting the services of the business community, other churches and residents in Hatfield.

Fed up with the potholes littering Hatfield, Pastor Reginald Gatsi, the local cleric for Hatfield based Celebration Church International (CCI) decided not to confront the authorities but rather followed the inspirational quote from the former American president John. F. Kennedy who was said, “ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”.

The pastor approached the business community and managed to get a thousand litres of diesel which the Harare City Council requested to process tar.

He (pastor) sourced trucks and manpower from fellow Christian members of the Roman Catholic, ZAOGA, United Methodist, Christ In Me Ministries and residents who gathered to rehabilitate part of their roads.

It is an effort that left the gathering convinced such self-willed inventiveness is what Zimbabwe currently needs for the betterment and improvement of communities’ social life.

This commendable show of unity by communities through public private partnerships will certainly go a long way in assisting central government which is over burdened by competing needs in an ailing economy to meet the provision of some of its critical social services.