11:29: We advocate for a women’s bank with no stringent conditions- Cde Damasane. She ends her speech.

11:28: Cde Damasane calls for a 50-50 representation in boards and institutions to ensure equal opportunities

11:22: “Let’s put something in place to avoid women abuse in such places,” says Cde Damasane

11:21: Cde Damasane says women are the most vulnerable group at illegal mining camps as they end up being abused.

11:17: Only 15 % of women make up the artisanal miners. Let’s relax red tape for women to be part of the mining sector, says Cde Damasane

11:16: She says this is a capital intensive field and women remain disadvantaged

11:13: Cde Damasane urges women to be brave enough to face this men-dominated field – mining.

11:11: Let’s open opportunities for women. Let’s share information as women for us to develop, says Cde Damasane

10:54: Guest of honour Deputy Minister of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development Cde Abigail Damasane takes to the podium.

10:38 Charles Tahwa Principal Director Ministry of Mines takes to the podium and addresses the gathering

10:36: Let’s have a culture of reading to improve ourselves, says Mrs Munzverengi as she leaves podium

10:32: Mrs Munzverengi says big mines must watch out.” We are taking over gold supplies, ” she says.

10:32: Women urged to take up the US$40 million loan facility for small scale gold

1031: Mrs Munzverengi says women should also go into chrome mining.

1030: One million hectares now released for mining purposes. Allow women to register, says Munzverengi

1029: Let’s formalise our miners in reserves, says  Mrs Munzverengi

1025: Zim Miners Federation President Apolonia Mrs Munzverengi now on stage

1022: Let’s not use our sexuality to get favours, says Mrs Nerwande

1022: Let’s embrace technology for us to grow- Mrs Nerwande.

1021: Mrs Elizabeth Nerwande Chamber of Mines 1st VP says let’s embrace mentorship for us to grow.

1018: Ms Ncube says women have the capacity to take leadership positions. Let’s support each other as women, she says

1017: Let’s not have pull her down syndrome as women, says  Ms Ruth Ncube ZITF company chairman.

Zimbabwe’s premier mining exhibition, Mine Entra, has begun in Bulawayo. It began with a Women in Mining Breakfast Meeting today. The Guest of Honour is the Deputy Minister of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development Cde Abigail Damasane. We give you live updates from ZITF.