1338: President finishes his address.

1336: “We together must collectively, in harmony, build the Zimbabwe that we want,” he says.

1335: He says the completion of this project will stimulate growth not only in the aviation industry but all sector of the economy. 

1333: President Mnangagwa says the citizens must welcome the observers who are in the country and those still to come and show them that Zimbabweans are politically mature.

1332: He says as the country gears for the elections due on the 30th of this month, the citizens should continue to observe peace currently prevailing in Zimbabwe.  

1331: The President challenges the aviation industry to create collaborations with institutions of higher learning to enhance skills and relevant modern technologies to complement regional and international developments.

1329: He urges players in the aviation industry to positively respond to this development and ensure vibrancy in the domestic airline industry in the country. He expects robusts increase in airlines so that travellers will have a broader choice and there will improve efficiency and bring about competition. 

1328: “The completion of this project will improve trade relations through air connectivity as we endeavour to fully industrialise and modernise our country,” he says.

1326: He expresses profound gratitude to the President of China Xi Jinping for unveiling funds towards several developmental projects in Zimbabwe. ” We are forever grateful to China for their support in our quest to leapfrog our economic development. The expansion of this airport will improve the movement of goods and services,” 

1324: He says such projects are some the new administration’s goals towards infrastructure development in all sectors of the economy.

1323: President Mnangagwa is no giving his speech.

1320: Minister Gumbo says the President has set Zimbabwe’s economic recovery on top of his agenda since he was sworn is as the country’s president the 24th of December last.

1317: He says President Mnangagwa escaped death for several times and while still in Zambia he attained his Law Degree at the University of Zambia.  

1315: He says the President was born from a political family which was forced to relocate to Zambia as they resisted the oppressive regime which was there. He says the President’s one ear was damaged due to the massive brutality he received during the oppressive regime.

1314: Minister Gumbo is now giving a brief history history of President Emmerson Mnangagwa before he introduces him to give his speech. 

1313: He says the project which is expected to commence in a few weeks time will be completed in 36 months. He says the Chinese Jiangsu Company which successfully completed the rehabilitation of the Victoria Falls International Airport in 2016, will be the same contractors to undertake the rehabilitation of the Robert Mugabe International Airport. 

1311: Minister Gumbo says his ministry will establish international airports in Mutare and Beitbridge to ensure development in these areas adding the ground breaking ceremony of the Robert Mugabe International Airport rehabilitation project signals the airport to reclaim its position on the international aviation space.

1309: He says the airport was commissioned in 1956 and officially in 1957. He says the airport has the passenger capacity of 2.5 million per annum and capacity utilisation of 25 percent.

1307: The Minister of Transport and Infrastructural development Dr Joram Gumbo is now giving his speech.

1306: He says China is also drilling boreholes around the country to ease the water problems in the country. 

1302: Ambassador Ping says Zimbabwe and China will continue to strengthen relations through such projects adding that the project to give the Robert Mugabe International Airport a major facelift is sponsored by Chinese business community and a Chinese company Jiangsu was contracted for the project.

1300: He says the airport will see the introduction of a new satellite fire station and an airport bridge among other host of things to make it one of the biggest aviation centres in the region.

1258: Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Huang Ping says the airport is fundamental in showcasing that Zimbabwe is great and open to Zimbabwe. 

1257: She says the airport will have a runway of 4 725 metres which makes it one of the longest in the world.

1254: Minister of State for Harare Metropolitan Province Honourable Miriam chikukwa takes to the podium to give opening remarks.

1252: Master of Ceremonies Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa gives an opening prayer.

1250: Official proceedings begin here with the singing of the National Anthem