The leather industry has been identified as one of the priority sectors in the Zimbabwe National Industrial Policy 2018-2022 which is expected to be launched soon.

Until 2000, Zimbabwe produced 17 million pairs of shoes whereas the current production level is at most 2 million pairs annually.

The reduction in output has been felt financially as well as through reduced employment levels in the sector and their impact on socio-economic well being of Zimbabweans.

The revival of the sector through the operationalisation of the Zimbabwe Leather Development Council (ZLDC) is expected to spearhead the development of the sector

For the sector to regain its status, the country needs to come up with a special revolving fund for the development of the leather sector in terms of re-tooling so that companies in the leather industry can purchase the latest technology that will increase production.

Also, the introduction of a bonded warehouse for tanning chemicals and components will go a long way in the growth of the leather industry