Farmers in Masvingo have been urged to look out for the larger grain borer which can cause immense post harvest losses if left unchecked.

The larger grain borer has been reported in Zaka, with Agritex Provincial Crop and Livestock Officer for Masvingo Province, Mr Peter Chamisa highlighting that there is need for farmers to swiftly act to avoid post harvest losses.

Mr Chamisa said the larger grain borer is easily spread, hence the calls for farmers to be on high alert.

“The larger grain borer is a real threat, it has been reported in Zaka and in some districts, we are yet to confirm. Farmers have to use recommended grain protectants in order to address this issue. We are worried that farmers may not know the problem or react to it swiftly because it spreads fast,” he said.

According to Mr Chamisa, Masvingo will experience a decline in yields for the 2017/2018 season compared to last year.

He said on average, the province will likely harvest 75% of last year’s total.

Farmers are in the process of rounding up their harvests.

Focusing on wheat production in the province, Mr Chamisa revealed that only 1000 hectares have been contracted for the winter crop, against the targeted 3000 hectares.

Mr Chamisa noted that farmers in the province are not keen on planting wheat due to challenges experienced last year in harvesting the crop which saw them recording losses.