Government departments housed at the District Administrator’s office in Kwekwe have been ordered to vacate the premises which are said to be facing collapse due to illegal mining activities taking place under ground.

The premises are said to have developed huge cracks due to illegal mining activities that are taking place under ground pausing a serious danger to the occupants.

Midlands Minister of State, Cde Jason Machaya confirmed that a communiqué was sent to all government departments housed at the DA’s office instructing them to vacate the premises.

A team of experts is expected to visit the premises to ascertain the situation on the ground.

According to a circular from the Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Ministry, government departments that are housed at the DA’s premises in Kwekwe have to vacate the place with immediate effect as the building is nearing collapse.

The departments have been left in a quandary as they have no any alternative premises to move to.

Affected departments include the Judiciary Service Commission, District Development Fund, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services, Environmental Management Agency and the Ministry of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment.

In 2013 they were reports that the City of Kwekwe was sitting on a time bomb as some of its buildings were at the risk of collapse due to illegal mining activities taking place at Globe Phoenix Mine.