A local author Miriam Kwari has written a 350 paged book titled ‘Herbal Mummy’.

The book talks about some of the herbs found in Zimbabwe and the world over.

Kwari said she thought she could share some knowledge about some of the herbs after her son suffered from cancer.

From there on she embarked on a trip to India where she learnt more on various herbs when she attended a training programme.

“This is a 350 paged book where i was putting all herbal medicines. I’m not a n’anga but i wrote the book as a way of preserving our traditional medicine. Everywhere you go there are herbs and what is only important is for people to know their medicine,” she said.

Apart from the book, Herbal Mummy, Kwari has also written a beginners guide on herbal infusions-a guide to those interested in various herbal uses.