iranian ambassador.jpgIranian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Mahommed Pournajaf says, faced with the illegal sanctions imposed by the west, Zimbabwe can draw lessons from Iran’s self-reliance and the power of the Iranian people to take their destiny in their own hands by being innovative for the development of their country.
Ambassador Pournajaf was speaking at a symposium to commemorate the legacy and heritage of the late Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.
Zimbabwean scholars, the Moslem community in Zimbabwe in conjunction with the Iranian embassy in Zimbabwe celebrated the heritage of the late imam Khomeini.
The symposium held at the University of Zimbabwe in the capital, was held under the theme freedom and human dignity in imam’s perspective.
The late Imam who led a revolution to overthrow the pro-western shah in 1979 , adopted an approach whereby everything begins and ends with god and since the attainment of the Islamic revolution, Iran has made great strides in various sectors including agriculture, commerce, nuclear power petroleum  production and shipbuilding among others.
Ambassador Pournajaf noted that Zimbabweans and Iranians who are both under sanctions have great potential to develop into economic giants through their abundant human and natural resources.
Education, Sport and Culture Deputy Minister Cde Lazarus Dokora said Zimbabwe which has entered into various joint venture partnerships with the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a big beneficiary of the late Imam Khomeini’s heritage and the achievements of the Iranian revolution.
Speaker after speaker including academics, diplomats , students and ordinary people spoke glowingly of the principles and values taught and demonstrated in the life of the ayatollah Khomeini saying despite his vilification and criticism by the west Imam Khomeini left an indelible mark in world history.
UZ Pro Vice Chancellor Chipo Dyanda hailed Imam Khomeini saying his vision of human dignity inspired not only Iranians but the entire contemporary world, including Zimbabwe.
Zimbabwe and Iran share common positions on many international fora and are close allies politically, economically and socially.
The leaders of the two countries recently exchanged visits in a sign of the solidarity between the two nations.