Road authorities have urged contractors to invest more on machinery in order to speed up the implementation of road rehabilitation and tarring projects in Manicaland province.

Government is on a drive to ensure most roads are trafficable in Manicaland province with the second republic working on a number of road rehabilitation and tarring projects that include Mutare-Masvingo road, Murambinda-Birchenough road and Nyanga-Ruvangwe road, among others.

Manicaland Provincial Roads Engineer Atherton Zindoga says delays in concluding a number of road projects in the province is a result of shortage of road equipment.

Most of our road rehabilitation projects in Manicaland are slow at the moment because contractors do not have enough equipment to conclude the projects on time,” said Engineer Zindoga.

Zindoga proposed that contractors charge for their services in United States dollars while payments are made in RTGS dollars equivalent to cushion them from high inflation levels.

Contractors are being paid in RTGS and are not happy as their money is eroded by the high inflation levels. It’s better to charge in United States dollars and pay in RTGS to maintain the value of money charged for the projects,” said Zindoga.

The country’s second republic has prioritised road rehabilitation as one of its areas of focus with roads that include Tanganda-Checheche road and Harare-Beitbridge highway being some of the key projects.