sandra ndebele performs.jpgBulawayo based Intombi Zomqangala cultural ensemble will take their act to Eastern Europe when the group takes part at the Texture Festival in Russia in September.

Barely a week after thrilling fans in Germany and Austria for two months, the twelve member female cultural ensemble, has been invited to perform in Russia.

The group promises to take its ‘Umfazi/The woman act,’ which revolves around challenges faced by women, to the month long cultural promotion and women empowerment in Russia.

Umfazi is a riveting traditional contemporary dance/drama using mime, song and traditional dance in exploring issues such as marital abuse, HIV and AIDS as well as politics among other issues.

Renowned dancer, Sandra Ndebele who is the founder, director and artistic co-coordinator of the group, says their ensemble aims at promoting Zimbabwe’s culture and girl child rights.

“Our act depicts the evils the world hold for women and after a successful tour of Germany and Austria, we are happy to be invited to Russia. We want to empower the girl child through arts and move people away from the notion that women in art are loose in morals,” said Sandie.

Other members of the group say arts should be taken seriously as it is not only an instrument of spreading the country’s cultural values to the present generation but is also a profession which one can survive on.

The 12 member ensemble hopes that the regional and international tours will help in improving their performances as they will have the opportunity to learn and exchange notes with other artists from the continent and abroad.