Two siblings from Nyamupfukudza village near Murombedzi in Mashonaland West have been denied a chance to go ahead with their education due to disability that has seen them being confined at home.

The Kahonde brothers; Brendon (7) and Blessing (11) suffer from club foot which has rendered them incapable of walking to school.

While the younger brother was born with the condition, disability set in on the elder one at a later stage when he was already in school.

The two’s mother, Florence Tasiyana works in the village and has sold off her cattle to try and meet medical fees but the proceeds were exhausted and this did not yield any results.

Tasiyana has since left this to fate but still hopes that one day a miracle will happen and her two sons will be healed.

She is also looking after a third born son whom doctors have advised needs monitoring to ensure the same condition that affected his brothers does not affect him as well.

Tasiyana said if she gets $1800, she will be able to take her sons for corrective surgery.

Those wishing to help the kids can get in touch with the mother on mobile number: 0784 910 995.