Hwange Local Board has completed negotiations with Hwange Colliery, the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) and the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) to enable it to take over the administration of the Hwange Colliery concession.

The negotiations will pave way for the councillors in wards 8 to 15 to be able to execute their duties in terms of the constitution while the wards will benefit from the services rendered by Hwange local board in other parts of the town.

Hwange Local Board chief executive officer Mr Ndumiso Mdlalose said a report has been compiled and forwarded to the parent ministry adding, the Permanent Secretaries of the Ministries of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing, Transport and Infrastructural Development and the Ministry of Energy and Power Development will go through the report before handing it over to the relevant ministers and to cabinet for approval of the agreed position.

“We have councillors that have been elected to oversee wards in terms of the constitution but are not able to exercise those functions because of the administrative arrangements. In other words they have no say in development issues within the wards which they represent. So what that means is when we get resources from central government, the other eight wards do not get allocation,” explained Mr Mdlalose.

Once the process is approved by the cabinet, the water shortages that have been experienced within the concession are expected to be a thing of the past since the local authority will establish a water reticulation system that caters for all the fifteen wards in the town.

The new set up will also work to the advantage of the local board which is currently awaiting a response from its parent ministry to upgrade to a town status.