Government says the $1.5 billion Hwange Thermal Power Plant expansion project is on course, with the 600MW project expected to increase economic activities and support the realisation of the 12 billion dollar mining industry vision recently launched by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Energy and Power Development Minister Advocate Fortune Chasi who recently visited the Hwange Power Plant to assess progress by the contractor Sino-Hydro in the roll out of the 600MW project expressed satisfaction with work covered so far.

The cabinet Minister highlighted that the ongoing 3.6 million refurbishment of Hwange Thermal Power Station Unit 6 and the expansion project will enhance electricity supply and support the implementation of the country’s vision 2030.

“.I am extremely excited about the work taking place here and it gives me confidence that we are going to resolve the energy challenges we have been facing as a country,” noted the minister..

Minister Chasi highlighted that the recent 320% electricity tariffs review is meant to ensure that the power utility becomes solvent, adding that new cash flows will be channeled towards power generation.

“The cost reflect tariff is to ensure a solvent ZESA that is able to interact with other players and attract investments. This tariff is a turning point for this country and ZESA itsel,” noted Advocate Chasi.

The $1.5 billion dollar Hwange Units 7 and 8 Expansion project which will be commissioned by 2022 encompasses construction of a 600MW, base-load plant and high voltage transmission lines from Hwange to Insukamini and Marvel sub-stations in Bulawayo.