A new player in the film industry, local movie producer, Bridget Paradza has launched a movie titled “Boundaries Within”, prompted by the events of 2016 when some Zimbabwean women became victims of human trafficking in Kuwait.

It is also based on experiences endured by some of her friends, who were deceived by a female pastor that they will get lucrative jobs in a foreign land.

According to Paradza, the film is a wake-up call to all job and scholarship seekers for them to be vigilant lest they fall prey to human traffickers who will turn them into sex slaves or drug traffickers.

The launch was graced by Deputy Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Mrs Yeukai Simbanegavi who said in a speech, on behalf of the First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa that those who fall victim to trafficking should not feel ashamed of coming back home empty handed and the society must not shun them.

The film has a stellar cast of Bridget Paradza, Elizabeth Majongwe, Rutendo Karipfuwe, Benjamin Mapfeka and Edna Shaishano among others.

The launch was graced by Charles Manyuchi, Comic Pastor and other players in the arts industry.