housing cooperatives.jpgA local construction player in Mberengwa has demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that not all players in the sector are bent on extorting money from prospective house seekers.

The Easy Build Housing Project is intended for low income earners in Mberengwa town and rural.

Contrary to the popular vice by land developers to dupe prospective house seekers, the construction player has managed to fulfill its promise by constructing a 4-roomed house at Tafara village, Clifton farm in Mberengwa.

Madzimai Kundai Shumba was elated to realise her dream of owning a house come true.

“I am at loss of words, many Doubting Thomases’ thought I would fall prey to extortion from construction players,” said Madzimai Shumba.

Officially handing over a complete house built under the scheme, the company’s General Manager Mr Talent Homero said they are targeting to construct low income houses in Mberengwa rural and centre.

“We have lined up a number of houses in Mberengwa and we want our beneficiaries to testify. We have built more than 30 houses in Mberengwa,” he said.

Ward 2 Councillor Mr Justin Maombera challenged villagers to take a leaf from Madzimai Shumba in spearheading development in the area.

“We are happy for Madzimai Shumba’s achievement and indeed it’s a wake-up call for people in this area to stop squandering gold money and invest,” Mr Maombera said.

Under the Easy Build Scheme, the construction company builds a full house while under the Rapid Build Core Houses, the company builds only the core house through their builders.