The country’s horticulture, dairy and poultry sectors are set to get a lifeline following the Dutch business investors’ commitment to invest in these sectors.

At peak of US$143 million worth of flower exports in 2000, Zimbabwe’s sector rivaled that of Kenya.

Fast forward 16 years later, Kenya’s flower exports in 2017 totalled close to US$800 million compared to about US$80 million for Zimbabwe.

Various factors led to the decimation of production in these key sectors.

Visiting head of Dutch business delegation Joris Van Ooijen, at the mini trade fair organised by Banc ABC in Harare said their mission is to commit investment to revive these sectors.

Tobacco ranks as the only cash crop generating forex for the country and Zimbabwe’s exports promotion body Zimtrade is determined to generate forex from other sectors including dairy and poultry, notes the body’s Acting Chief Executive Officer Mr Allan Mujuru.

Zimbabwe’s per capita consumption of poultry per month stands at a paltry 4 kgs per month, and 2 eggs per month an indicator of the huge market gap in this sector.