A call has been made for the government to support the establishment of a strong and effective regulatory authority in the health sector that ensure minimum standards are met which guarantees public safety.

The Health Professions Authority of Zimbabwe has bemoaned sprouting of unregistered health training institutions and malpractice by health professionals which they said is affecting the country’s health sector.

Speaking at the authority’s annual congress in the capital, Dr Adolf Macheka said there is need for a strong regulatory authority well equipped to ensure standards are met in the health sector.

United Nations Children’s Fund chief of health Dr Nejmudin Bilal says Zimbabwe’s health sector is doing well in improving access to services, but there is need for a multi-stakeholder approach in ensuring health institutions are well-regulated.

Health professionals also raised the issue of low salaries as one of the factors contributing to high disciplinary cases and pledged to continue advocating for better working conditions, career development initiatives and employment opportunities.