Harvesting of pit and river sand for construction purposes has left serious environmental degradation on the outskirts of Gweru.

Experts say if left unattended, some parts of the city might be swallowed by the gullies in the near future.

The rapid growth and development of the City of Gweru is now causing grief on authorities as the development is fuelling serious pit and river sand poaching on the outskirts of the city.

The sand poachers, who usually carry out their activities at sunset to evade the scrutiny of the authorities, are leaving huge pits that are now a danger to humans and livestock in the Ngamo area.

Vungu Rural District Council Chief Executive Officer Alex Magura says the situation in Ngamo has become a cause for concern as some of the gullies can progress and engulf parts of Gweru.

Magura encouraged those who are into construction to buy sand from licenced dealers so as to curb sand poaching in the city.