Gwanda   municipality has attributed the critical water shortages facing the town to load shedding saying an appeal has since been made to the government to consider providing uninterrupted power supply to its water pumping system.

Residents and businesses in Gwanda have had to contend with serious water shortages for more than a month with some rate payers going for nearly a week without a drop of water coming out of their taps.

The reason behind the shortages, according to city fathers is load shedding not low levels of water at its reservoirs.

The 15 hours of load shedding experienced on a daily basis has reduced council’s water pumping hours from the usual 36 hours resulting in erratic water supplies revealed Gwanda Town Council Mayor Jason Mazhale.

It is against this background that an application has since been made to government through the Provincial Minister of State’s Office to ensure constant power supply to its water pumps.

“We have engaged the Ministry of Energy and Power Development, through the Minister of State to exempt the power line that feeds into our water pumps so that we have constant supply of water. We are still waiting for a response from Mr Chasi,” said Councillor Mazhale

In the interim, the local authority has come up with strategies of ensuring that residents access water occasionally, while council schools, clinics and public toilets are being provided with the precious liquid daily through bowsers.

“In the interim we are trying to beef up our valves so that there is some kind of water rationing taking place. If one area receives water on Monday, others get their share on Tuesday ,” he said.

Residents fear that they may be sitting on a health time bomb if urgent measures are not taken to deal with the current water woes.

The erratic power supplies have also not spared critical institutions and service providers such as clinics, hospitals and schools.