zibf 28.7.10.jpgGovernment and the corporate world have been challenged by facilitators in the ongoing Zimbabwe International Book Fair to promote budding writers by increasing financial support to young people.


One of the facilitators, author Shimmer Chinodya who shared his personal experiences with the youth, said it is important for the young generation to be supported as the country has a great potential in the writing industry.


“It is very disheartening to see the industry fall, given the great potential that young writers have. In most cases you will not be surprised to see a bookshop which is supposed to be filled with books selling toys,” said Chinodya.


Other facilitators echoed the same sentiments adding that the prevailing environment is very difficult for young budding writers as lack of sponsorship is affecting many talented individuals.

Other areas that were mentioned as needing financial support at the indaba included theatre, short stories, poetry and film.