laptop2 17.09.10.jpgThe Computer Suppliers Association of Zimbabwe says there is need for stakeholders in the information and communication technology sector to put in place mechanisms to guard against cyber crimes.

With the rapid increase in information communication technologies recorded in the past two years, prevention of cyber crimes has become a necessity for the business community although no security mechanisms have been put in place to deal with the rising threat.

Computer Suppliers Association of Zimbabwe President, Mr. Artwell Mukusha said there is now need for interventions to protect the country from cyber crimes which are going undetected and undeterred.

“Last year we saw a lot of developments….we saw the fibre-optic cable being developed. Now we need to raise ICT awareness.  As a way forward we must put some legislation, not only in Zimbabwe but in SADC and COMESA.

“We had an ICT Bill which we need to follow up on. We should also establish and strengthen partnerships against cyber crime nationally and internationally,” said Mr. Mukusha.

Mr. Mukusha said their association will be embarking on programmes to raise understanding on cyber crime in industry, commerce and the academia.

Cyber crime is a criminal act that involves a computer and a network.

Most reported cases involve copy-right infringement, fraud, pornography and computer hacking.

In December hackers are reported to have shut down government websites, while the broadband website of a mobile network subscriber was also hacked.