gpa principals with cde zuma.jpgSouth African President and SADC Facilitator in the Global Political Agreement, Cde Jacob Zuma, who was in the country for consultations with the three principals to the Global Political Agreement, on Friday held meetings with the principals.



Cde Zuma, who first held one-on-one meetings with each one of the principals before meeting them all, described the consultations as fruitful and successful.


He said the consultations touched on a number of issues including the positions of the judges, ambassadors and governors as well as elections.

“They have met and they have had good consultations, very successful on a variety of issues.


“There had been a breakdown of communication within the leadership of the government here and which we have discussed and we thought we should let you know that, that has been resolved,” said Cde Zuma.


The SADC facilitator said meetings are going to resume and all the issues that need to be discussed and resolved will certainly find a platform.


“We are very happy that the consultations have been very good. As a general understanding, we need to move forward and move in a particular way and implement our own decisions as well as resolutions of SADC,” said Cde Zuma.

The consultations were held at the request of the MDC-T which was claiming that the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe, had unilaterally appointed some ambassadors.


Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made it clear that the six ambassadors were merely re-deployed to other countries and that there were no new appointments.


The MDC-T had also complained about the governors and judges, issues that were agreed upon way back in August when the principals agreed that any movements in these areas should be implemented simultaneously with the removal of illegal sanctions.


The meeting also looked at the issue of elections where President Mugabe said they should be held before mid-next year since the lifespan of the inclusive government is coming to an end.


President Zuma is expected to compile a report on the consultations and this will be presented to the Troika.


Meanwhile, President Zuma left the country Friday night and was seen off at the Harare International Airport by President Mugabe and several government ministers.