Traders at the Mbare vegetable market have commended government’s clean up of Harare’s central business district as having restored their business strength after pushing up sales for those operating at designated areas where ablution facilities and other amenities are available.

A visit by the ZBC News crew to the Mbare vegetable market Zimbabwe’s biggest distribution centre showed traders are enjoying a good share of business.

This is because they are operating legally in accordance to Harare City Council’s by-laws.

Chairman of Mbare Wholesale Market Mr Tichanzwana Chibika said despite the cholera outbreak that hit Harare a few weeks ago they have continued with their daily activities without any disturbances.

Agnes Watungwa, Mbare Wholesale Market chairlady added that by driving out unlicensed vendors in the CBD, business activity picked up at the vegetable market.

She urged other vendors to operate at designated areas where proper water and sanitation facilities are in place to avoid disease outbreaks.

There is every reason for the city fathers to continue providing proper vending sites with running water to alleviate possible recurrences of hygiene related diseases such as cholera and typhoid