Information, Publicity & Broadcasting Services, Cde Monica Mutsvangwa

Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister, Cde Monica Mutsvangwa said government will not sit and let its people suffer at the hands of some unscrupulous business people who have been indiscriminately increasing prices of basic goods for months and eroding the ability of people to purchase them.

Minister Mutsvangwa said this when she met with editors and senior managers of media houses to address numerous issues that are on-going in the country, such as wanton price hikes, as well as bringing clarification to the media houses concerning the dialogue between President Emmerson Mnangagwa and opposition political parties.

She added that the government will not allow this behaviour of unnecessary and unjustified price hikes to continue and has come up with measures to cushion people against the wanton increase of prices by most businesses.

Variously, the Minister addressed the issue pertaining the dialogue between the President and opposition parties, saying the ongoing political dialogue is not a power-sharing discussion with the losing parties and presidential candidates.

In efforts of simplifying to the issue, she said President Mnangagwa, winner of the 2018 Presidential Election, invited all losing candidates to come to the table and help chart the developmental agenda of Zimbabwe.

Cde Mutsvangwa highlighted that this, however, must not be taken as a power-sharing negotiation adding that opposition political parties who have refused to come forward for the dialogue must not hold the nation at ransom by keeping the citizens in perpetual election mode.

The media briefing was held at the minister’s offices this Wednesday.