martin dinha 2.jpgCalls for criminal proceedings to be instituted against the office of the Prime Minister, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai, in face of wikileaks revelations continue to gather momentum, with legal experts and ordinary Zimbabweans saying this is now the only route open for government to take.


Zanu PF says it has been vindicated by the wikileaks revelations that show that the MDC-T worked hand in hand with former US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Christopher Dell and current Ambassador, Charles Ray.


Lawyers for Human Rights National Coordinator, Advocate Martin Dinha, says criminal proceedings must be instituted against Prime Minister Tsvangirai.


He noted that the act of collaboration is not only a violation of Zimbabwean people’s trust, but also a violation of the Global Political Agreement and the country’s Official Secrets Act.


“They [wikileaks cables] provide very important probative evidence against the MDC and its leadership, particularly for those in government. People in government are bound by the Official Secrets Act and the provisions of the Global Political Agreement, which spells out the various obligations that the leaders must have, in particular with regard to the Prime Minister. There are obligations that he must endeavor to ensure that sanctions are removed,” said Advocate Dinha.


Those who fought for the liberation of the country from colonialism say the Prime Minister and others who work with foreign elements to institute illegal regime change in Zimbabwe should not be left off the hook.


Cde Tonderayi Nkomo, who is the War Veterans Chairman in Harare South, says the MDC-T must be held to account for being sell-outs.


“We are suffering right now and it is painful that some of our colleagues died in the bush during the liberation struggle and someone continues to be a sellout,” said Cde Nkomo.


Ordinary Zimbabweans, who also spoke to ZBC News voiced their concerns on the wikileaks issue, saying the MDC-T did not only act in a criminal manner, but has also revealed that the party does not belong to a historical movement that has national interest at heart.


Legal and political experts say the revelations by former US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Christopher Dell that his country worked hand in glove with the MDC-T leader, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai and his party to destabilise the country economically and socially, is a matter that should be handled as treason as it threatens the security of Zimbabwe.