The government says Zimbabwe’s energy and power solutions lie in clean and renewable energy sources such as solar, replacing hydro and thermal energy, both in the short and long term.

As climate change awareness takes centre stage across the globe, countries are scaling down on non-renewable energy sources like coal, whilst embracing clean and renewable energy such as solar and wind.

With Zimbabwe currently struggling to deal with its energy crisis, one leading expert in solar energy, Mr Divjayeet Mahajan, who has spearheaded several projects, said Zimbabwe’s energy future lies on solar.

As an independent power producer, Mr Mahajan described Zimbabwe’s energy and power sector as extremely attractive, adding that technological evolution of solar energy equipment makes it affordable in the long term.

Energy and Power Development Minister, Advocate Fortune Chasi visited one of the solar projects in Harare this Monday to get an appreciation of how a solar project, in the form of a carport, provides electricity to a company’s headquarters.