The government says it is committed to the implementation and fulfillment of set targets under ZIMASSET, among them to ensure food security and nutrition for all.

Addressing various government departments and development partners who converged in Mutare for a progress review and planning meeting on the multi-sectoral community based model to food security and nutrition for stunting reduction, the Senior Principal Director in the Office of President and Cabinet, Mr Ozias Hove said the government is committed to the implementation of food and nutrition policies as defined in ZIMASSET.

He said the government has scaled up the initiative with 15 more districts now included after revelations of high prevalence of chronically malnourished children under five in these districts.

UNICEF Nutrition Manager, Mr Ismael Ngnie Teta said most of the districts in the country require support and pledged to mobilise more resources.

The Ministry of Rural Development, Preservation and Promotion of Culture and Heritage committed to work in collaboration with rural district councils to ensure effective implementation of the nutrition programme.

Childhood stunting is a condition that is defined as height for age below a required percentage lower than the curve caused due to lack of adequate nutritional status.

UNICEF estimates that 39% of children in the developing world are stunted, 40% of which are in Sub-Saharan Africa.