The government has refuted claims that it has banned the use of jerry cans but noted with concern the increase in the number of people queuing for fuel with containers.

The past few weeks have seen a resurgence of black market fuel dealers who are hoarding fuel in drums, jerry cans and plastic containers and selling it in the streets at exorbitant prices.

This prompted the government to speak on the use of jerry cans and other containers used for buying fuel which led to some sectors of the media reporting that the use of jerry cans had been banned.

The Minister of Energy and Power Development, Dr Joram Gumbo said the government cannot ban the use of jerry cans as there are genuine customers who require fuel in the containers and drums

“There are legitimate customers who include farmers, owners of grinding mills, schools and hospitals that require fuel for their generators,” he said.

There are some people who have resorted to hoarding fuel for resale, a situation which Minister Gumbo said is resulting in panic buying thereby causing artificial shortages, adding that there is sufficient fuel in the country.

A snap survey by the ZBC News revealed that fuel is available in most service stations in Harare although most are characterised by long queues

According to Statutory Instrument 12 of 2007, fuel is classified under the Hazardous Substances, Pesticides and Toxic Substances Regulations requiring specialised containers for carrying and storing.