Government assures the nation that it is committed to dialogue with the striking doctors and is exploring all avenues to avert the death of people.

Speaking at the post-cabinet briefing held in Harare today, Acting Minister of Health and Child Care who is also the Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Senator Monica Mutsvangwa, said that government is seized with the welfare of the doctors and Zimbabweans across the board.

Responding to an inquiry on whether there are any contingencies the government has put in place to address the situation, Senator Mutsvangwa revealed that a lot of work has been done and the Ministry of Defence has been called to bring in their doctors to make sure that people are treated whilst dialogue continues.

Government is still in dialogue with the doctors and nurses and is calling on them to have the human heart and report for duty.

“We have always called on the doctors to come on the table and discuss, we understand the problems that are going on across the board,” Senator Mutsvangwa said.

Responding to a question on the welfare of doctors, Senator Mutsvangwa said the government is committed to dialogue and cabinet spend a lot of time today discussing on the price hikes which have eroded salaries across the board.

“As government we are quite concerned and a lot of interventions are being put into place, especially when it comes to safety nets to just make sure that we give relief to our people,”  she added.

Government is very grateful to the doctors who have been manning the hospitals and is urging doctors to report for duty while negotiations are being held.

“We are continuously telling the doctors that it is important to report for duty to avoid the unnecessary loss of life,” she added

Disciplinary hearings for striking doctors who defied the Labour court directive for them to return to work will take place this Friday.

It is now 56 days since doctors started the strike citing poor remuneration and efforts by government to dialogue and bring back sanity in the heath sector have yielded no results.