Government has instituted investigations into allegations that some government employees are diverting ARV drugs to the parallel market thus causing an artificial shortage of the life-prolonginmombeshora 10.12.10.jpgg medications.

Reports of abuse of office by some civil servants who are allegedly selling anti-retroviral drugs instead of dispensing them freely have led to government instituting investigations. Health and Child Welfare Deputy Minister, Dr Douglas Mombeshora said after receiving a number of reports, investigations to get to the bottom of the matter are now in progress countrywide.

A delegation from the ministry visited Natpharm on a fact finding mission and it was discovered that adequate ARV’s are in stock. A visit to some government institutions also indicated that the drugs were available, yet people in need are sometimes denied access to the medication.  It is suspected that some health personnel are diverting the life saving drugs for sale on the parallel market.

Since 2004, government has ensured that anti-retroviral drugs are availed for free to vulnerable orphans, people in the rural areas, the unemployed, people in farming communities, the aged and people living in some mining communities which have long ceased operations.

By December 2010, three hundred and twenty six thousand two hundred and forty one (326 241) people were receiving ARV drugs on the free national programme out of an estimated five hundred and ninety three thousand, one hundred and sixty eight (593 168) in need.