douglas mombeshora 08.11.10.jpgThe Ministry of Health and Child Welfare is compiling a position paper to be presented to cabinet with regards to the findings of tests conducted to verify the source of salmonella typhi, the bacteria that causes typhoid.

The Deputy Minister of Health and Child Welfare, Dr Douglas Mombeshora said after various tests were conducted by government analysts, the Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) and some private researchers, the ministry is now compiling a position paper that will be presented to cabinet before the findings are published.

The typhoid outbreak mainly in some parts of Harare and surrounding areas has left the ordinary person with more questions than answers.

The uncertainty has been worsened by the failure by relevant authorities to pinpoint the actual source of the typhoid bacteria.

Over the last few weeks, observers have intensified calls for various stakeholders to come together and carry out appropriate research to correctly inform the nation.

The Zimbabwe Medical Association (ZIMA) insists that fish from Lake Chivero are contaminated, while University of Zimbabwe researchers claim that scientifically, it does not make sense to believe that fish from the lake contain typhoid bacteria, considering that fish feed on a number of materials and that faecal material is organic and can be cleared in the process of digestion.