Government has unveiled the two and five dollar notes features under Statutory Instrument 231 of 2019.

The statutory instrument states that the Minister of Finance and Economic Development has hereby, in terms of section 40(3) of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Act (chapter 22:15) issued  the two- and five-dollar banknotes.

“The design of the two and five dollar bank notes shall carry the following features: on the front side  of the two-dollar note and the five-dollar note the dominant  feature shall ben  logos of the reserve bank of Zimbabwe (three balancing rocks),  with the visually impaired recognition feature on the left, the latent image showing the denomination, optical variable ink with colour’ shift from gold to green, security thread with  the inscription “RBZ”, watermark with highlighted inscription “RBZ” and see through the Zimbabwe bird looking to the left in perfect register, as secondary features,” said the SI.

The statutory instrument further highlighted the feature of the two-dollar note of the impression of the parliament of Zimbabwe building and the external flame on the backside of the note.

“In respect of the five-dollar note, on the backside, there shall be an impression of three giraffes and three palm trees,” said the statement.

The two-dollar note will be green in colour while the five-dollar note will be purple.

The statutory instrument paves way for the central bank to start advertising the notes before they are in circulation.