Government has called for the adoption of freedom of expression and universal access to information as a way of creating a more vibrant media industry which will open a broader space for Zimbabweans to tell their story to the world.

Speaking at the annual media stakeholders conference in Harare on Thursday, Permanent Secretary in the ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Nick Mangwana said the growth of the media industry can only be achieved through team effort.

“We espouse the belief that freedoms of expression and universal access to information as enshrined in the Constitution are important ingredients in the realisation of the Transitional Stabilisation Programme TSP as well as the attainment of Vision 2030,” said secretary Mangwana.

“It is not secret that a vibrant media sector which is accessible to all will help bring our people together and help Zimbabweans to tell their own story to themselves and to the world. The evolution of the media sector into the desired vision can only be achieved through team effort from various players in the industry.”

The permanent secretary said the media and cultural industries’ contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is immense.

“This includes products coming from the sector, the platforms they ride on as well as the distribution networks. Zimbabwe can benefit from the growth of this sector if the policy objectives and development framework being articulated are implemented.

Secretary Mangwana said government is working on a policy framework that promotes development of a clear value chain encompassing investment, development, storage and retrieval and distribution of media products.

He also called on the collective effort of all stakeholders in fighting against copyright infringements.

“The fight against copyright infringement is a battle which has to be fought from many fronts for the sector to realise its full potential,” he said.

The annual conference which was organised by Media Alliance of Zimbabwe was graced by stakeholders in the media industry.