Villagers from Gokwe are waiting expectantly for the anti-sanction march scheduled for October 25 which will see the rest of Africa joining hands with Zimbabwe to advocate for the removal of illegal economic sanctions imposed on the country, the ZBC News Online has learnt.

Speaking during an interview with the crew, Victor Munemo said the sanctions were illegal, crippling and an inconsiderate move by the West as it is the common villagers in marginalised areas who suffer the most from the impact.

“We are happy that African countries have come together in solidarity and are rising with one voice to call for the removal of the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the West,” Munemo said.

“These sanctions may not mean much to others, especially those in urban areas but we in the villages, especially those in these remote areas like Nembudziya suffer the most. When the country experiences a wave of price hikes we get affected the most as business owners want to make the most profit from their products regardless of the economic crisis.

“We receive very little rainfall and our area is prone to drought hence we do not have much productivity going on and when we do have projects, we try to hold on to our profits and save our money. This becomes a problem when there is hyperinflation like the current situation, our money loses value dramatically. We, the people in rural areas suffer the most from sanctions and we want them to be lifted, we will march together with others in solidarity for this cause.”

The community is heavily affected by drought with most water sources dry. Community members have had to rely on presidential aid or assistance from non-governmental organisations for survival. Villagers called for all political players to move forward decisively with one voice and have sanctions lifted regardless of political differences.