zec.jpgLegal expert, Tazvitya Mapfumo, has challenged the parties in the inclusive government to go to the polls without any condition as there is no guarantee that there will be an agreement within the foreseeable future.

In an interview with ZBC News, Mapfumo said calls for reform in various sectors as a condition for holding elections are immaterial as it is evident that the political parties in the inclusive government come from divergent political and ideological backgrounds and will not agree on certain matters of principle.


He said the dispute over the contentious issues in the new constitution has dragged on for too long, adding that there is no guarantee that the parties can find common ground on those issues in the short space of time that is left.

Zanu PF Secretary for Information and Publicity, Cde Rugare Gumbo said while it is commendable that Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has finally conceded to elections this year under the Lancaster House Constitution if the proposed new constitution is rejected, it is unfortunate that he is still putting some conditions which he said are just a way of trying to delay the process.

This week, Mr Tsvangirai admitted that if the new constitution is rejected by people, the country will still hold elections using the Lancaster House supreme law.

tazvitya mapfumo.pngHowever, the Premier put some demands which he said have to be met before the country can go for the polls.


Meanwhile, people from some of the 29 constituencies without representation in parliament, have challenged government to conduct by-elections with immediate effect and allow them to choose legislators who will represent their views for development to take place in their areas. 

Representatives of people from Shamva, Bindura and Guruve, whose constituencies were left vacant following the death of their legislators, have appealed to the political leadership to seriously consider holding by-elections which they feel are long overdue.

“It has been a long time without an MP. What worries us is why by-elections are not being held to replace him. We are prepared to go for elections anytime,” said one villager in Shamva.

Others felt they are being deprived of several benefits such as the Constituency Development Fund which would help develop their areas.

“Both our MP and senator died, so we are losing the benefits which some constituencies are getting. This is unfair, we need elections if they do not want by-election. Why can’t we go for a full throttle and have general elections this year,” said another.

Constitutional experts and the Clerk of Parliament, Mr Austin Zvoma have already described the situation prevailing whereby 29 constituencies are without parliamentary representation for such a long period stretching to four years, as abnormal and unconstitutional.

The High Court has also given a ruling that by-elections should be held in such constituencies.