A 20 year old girl who has been battling a blood circulation disorder called peripheral vascular disease that led to her left leg being amputated is now battling to save her other leg and time is not on her side.

After the dark period described in the Old Testament book of Judges, Israel’s desperate situation began to turn around with the prayer of a woman named Hannah.

She had had enough and decided she could not take it any longer.

Ropafadzo Mahichani has been seeking the intervention of God in desperation for the past nine years and she is still hoping as Hannah that her prayers will one day be answered.

Once able-bodied, the 20 year old girl started developing a disease that affects blood circulation throughout the body, and since then her life has become miserable.

The disease called peripheral vascular disease has led to the amputation of her right leg.

The girl who stays in Warren Park 1 with her parents narrated her heart wrenching story that is heightened with elements of desperation coupled with deep faith.

Many girls her age are pursuing their education, dreaming about a bright future and conquering the world and Ropafadzo’s wish is to get medicines, bandages, clothing and a wheelchair so that she can go out and mingle with others for she spends most of her time in the house.

She also requires funds for the treatment of her amputated leg which is seemingly not healing.

To a father growing old, nothing is dearer than a daughter.

Ropafadzo’s father, Mr Fortune Mahichani clutches upon hope that from one doctor to the next, a solution for her daughter will one day be found.

 Mr Mahichani is currently unemployed but is willing to take up any kind of job so that he can support his daughter who has not been attending school since 2013 due to ill health.

Peripheral vascular disease is a blood circulation disorder that causes the blood vessels outside of the heart and brain to narrow, block, or spasm.

This can also happen in arteries or veins, often causing pain and fatigue in the legs.

Those who want to assist can contact Mr Mahichani on 0777529630 and or deposit cash in his wife, Tendai Kadyamarunga’s Standard Chartered Bank account number 8700219562400, or to visit house number 28, 20th street, Warren Park 1 in Harare.