transimitters.jpgMedia analysts have hailed the government for the commissioning of 8 community radio transmitters, saying the development will open up the airwaves, thereby providing a platform for traditionally marginalised voices to be heard in the media.

With the world in the mood of celebrating the World Press Freedom Day scheduled for this Tuesday, media analysts have commended the government for its continued efforts in promoting media diversity through the recent commissioning of community radio transmitters by Media, Information and Publicity Minister, Cde Webster Shamu.

Veteran broadcaster and media analyst, Supa Mandiwanzira expressed happiness at the latest development that will result in each province having a community radio station.

“The idea of coming up with community radio should be celebrated by all Zimbabweans as a big step that shows that the Zimbabwean government is indeed a government for the people,” Mandiwanzira said.

Another veteran broadcaster, Killian Butu said apart from providing employment and broadcasting experience to trainee journalists, the community radio stations initiative will provide a voice for the voiceless.

Media analyst, Mr Wellington Gadzikwa warned that there should be a mechanism to guard against external influence.

“The commissioning of the community radio stations initiative is a positive development that requires a safeguarding mechanism to avoid the intrusion of an external hand in the operations of the stations,” said Mr Gadzikwa.

The concept of Community radio stations is supported UNICEF as a way of to counter the top to bottom flow of information that is usually associated with the mainstream media.