Five year old Anotida Chidzinzwa has successfully won a battle against a life threatening brain tumor following a successful surgery conducted at a local hospital.

ZBC’s Radio Zimbabwe dedicated over 12 hours of broadcasting to fundraise the required hundred and fifty three thousand dollars for the corrective surgery.

Anotida’ s story attracted an influx of empathy from Zimbabweans as they responded to a plight that almost seemed hopeless.

Many thanks go to the massive donations, the little boy can now look to a future filled with hope and joy.

His parents could not hide their relief  watching their son taking in the breathe of fresh air following a successful surgery that kept him in hospital for a week.

Mrs Anna Chidzinzwa said, “one day Anotida will grow and trace back his survival to the massive support that responded to his plight through a 17 hour shift conducted on ZBC’s Radio Zimbabwe”

“Maybe he will get an opportunity to just say thank you on air, but even if he does not, his innocent face shouts a big thank you to every hand that assisted in raising funds for his surgery, she added.

Radio Zim, as it is popularly known is taking another stride, pledging future support for the little boy.

From ordinary people, to the neurosurgeons, the collective action restored a fading light.

Like a watered flower, Anotida is ready to bloom and once again experience the precious gift of life.