Local artists have been challenged to produce dramas and films which are educative and entertaining.

The call was made by the First Lady, Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa when she visited popular comedian, Lazarus Boora popularly known as Gringo who is recovering at a relative’s home in Msasa Park after an operation.

Gringo dominated the arts industry in the 1990s and ever since, he has remained a darling of many, the First Lady included.

Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa took time off her busy schedule to visit the popular comedian who is recovering after a recent operation which drew the sympathy of many Zimbabweans.

“I came here because I have always been a fan of Gringo, his films and dramas are educative as well as entertaining, so as a mother I came to check up on him,” she said.

Gringo also took the time to express his disgruntlement over piracy.

“Piracy is killing us it has destroyed us as well as our livelihoods,” he lamented.

The visit also saw the First Lady and Gringo exchanging  some lighter moments.

“I would love to feature you and the President in one of my films especially His Excellency with his famous dance.” Gringo said.

Gringo’s mother, Mrs Agnes Boora and his wife, Tabeth thanked the First Lady for the visit and groceries which included sugar, cooking oil, flour as well as blankets.

“We want to thank Amai for her love, we are humbled by your visit. We also want to thank Zimbabweans for standing with us,” Gringo’s wife expressed the family’s gratitude for all the support.

Gringo, who is recuperating at home after undergoing a stomach operation last week, has promised Zimbabweans more laughter once he is back on his feet.