The First Lady, Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa has blasted the National Pharmaceutical Company NatPharm for withholding medicines whilst clinics around the country are dry.

The no medicine phrase has become an anthem in most clinics around the country with patients being left high and dry.

Touched by these complaints coming from all over the country, the First Lady today (Thursday) toured NatPharm and was outraged to discover boxes and boxes of medicines stocked in the company’s warehouses.

“We have had of a leakage medicines, how did that happen? Why are there such leakages? Are you aware that people are suffering out there? Why is it that clinics are complaining that there is no medicine yet you have boxes piled here, what are the donors going to say, why are all these boxes stocked? I went to Mashonaland Central and found some pharmacies empty. The situation on the ground is untenable and I want to understand where medicines are going, it is theft,” she fumed.

Amai Mnangagwa also asked for NatPharm’s distribution list in a bid to understand why boxes are piled at the pharmaceutical company yet clinics are dry.

“Can I have your distribution list, I want to see what is happening here, clinics and hospitals do not have medicines and people are suffering,” she said.

NatPharm insists that it is sending medicines to clinics as per request but a visit to one of the local clinics in Harare showed otherwise and according to Edith Opperman Clinic Sister-in-Charge, Inviolater Wilson, they last received medicine from NatPharm in February.

“We do not have medicine here, we last received a consignment in February. We were supposed to get 7 months supply but only a few drugs came through,” she said.

Edith Opperman Clinic in Mbare serves an average 500 people per day and the ZBC News found it with only 5 bottles of metro left.

The situation at the clinic offers only a microscopic view of the situation in the country’s clinics and hospitals, which according to Amai Mnangagwa needs to be rectified urgently.