women_and_firewood.jpgOwing to persistent long hours of load shedding in many suburbs in Harare, firewood vendors in Lusaka, Highfield, are making brisk business from selling firewood, though they have to play hide and seek with law enforcement agents.


Every morning the streets of Lusaka, Highfield are littered with women, men and children who have taken selling firewood as a full time job.


Unmoved by the fact that they are also aiding the destruction of forests, the firewood vendors are in turn accusing the police whom they say instead of enforcing the law, are confisticating the firewood for personal use.


A small bundle of firewood is being sold at US$1 in Highfield.


The firewood is being sourced from areas such as Beatrice and Mazowe.


Although the vendors insist that they are aware of the consequences of destroying the environment, they say they have no choice as power supply is erratic while paraffin and gas are expensive.


Environmental Management Agency (EMA), Police and Forestry Commission officials, have for some time fought running battles with firewood vendors, but because firewood is in great demand due to erratic power supplies, the vendors are prepared to continue the running battles.