Banks have registered an increase in the uptake of financial sector products and services by local women entrepreneurs in line with the country’s financial inclusion policies.

The women entrepreneurs conference held in the capital provided a platform for government, policy makers, entrepreneurs and economic decision makers among others on measures to ensure greater access to banking by women across the country.

While the central bank has come up with a financial  inclusion strategy that seek to ensure Zimbabweans have access to  banking products by 2020, concern is being raised over the extent to which women can get loans from the financial sector to enable them to venture into the mainstream sectors of the economy.

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe deputy governor Dr Charity Dhliwayo told the ZBC News in the capital there has been a marked improvement in the uptake of banking sector products and services by women in the past two years.

“Indeed improvements are there for all to see as more women get access to banking platforms,” said Dr Dhliwayo.

The national financial inclusion strategy also recognises the importance of including women in the national economic development agenda.

It also proposes the establishment of a women’s developmental bank, implementation of financial literacy policies and capacity building programmes for women among other factors.