With the 2019 to 2020 agriculture season having begun, the fall armyworm problem that farmers have had to contend with for the past three years, remains a cause for concern, with agronomists calling for use of latest technologies and chemicals to control the pest.

The fall armyworm, which has for a couple of years now been a thorn in the flesh of many farmers leading to poor yields, remains a topical issue as the country hopes to improve yields in the 2019-2020 farming season.

A local seed company has since taken the lead to train Agritex officers and farmers on pest control, and agronomists who attended one of such training workshops in Harare this Friday, believe awareness programmes for farmers and Agritex Officers is the way to go if farmers are to register better yields.

Agronomist, Moses Kudanga said these workshops clearly updates farmers on better farming strategies for this summer cropping season.

Speaking at the same occasion, Agronomist, Qua Khumalo urged farmers to treat their seeds, continually inspect their maize plants for the fall armyworm and apply effective insecticide as recommended.

“We urge farmers to use chemicals such as fortenza as it protects seeds and crops from these deadly army worms,” he said.

Participants present at the training workshop applauded efforts made by the agriculture sector in the fight against the fall armyworm which has been affecting their yields in previous seasons.

“We are happy by the efforts being made by the government and the agriculture sector in helping us to come up with better yields as compared to the past seasons,” a participant expressed his gratitude.

The fall armyworm outbreak has also affected other countries that include Zambia and Malawi, hence the need to guard against the pest this farming season.