Authorities in Matabeleland South Province say there is a need to grow more forage tree species as goats and cattle are surviving on trees for feed in the face of another drought in the province.

The Southern part of the country is facing yet another drought as stated by the Global Agricultural Geo-Monitoring Initiative, and observation is that in most parts of the province no significant rains have been received and as such the pastures are in bad shape.

Animals are browsing on trees that have new leaves, making them the only source of feed available.

Beitbridge is one of the affected areas and on the occasion to mark national tree planting day at Chamnanga School, a call was made for farmers to plant more forage trees such as Acacia species and Mopane for livestock.

“ Due to climate change the semi-arid tropics are now surviving on trees especially the acacia trees so we are encouraging farmers to plant more forage trees because they have become the basic feed for animals in the wake of continued droughts,” said Forestry commission official, Mr Beloved Sithole.

The District Development Coordinator for Beitbridge, Mr Jahson  Mugodzwa said the community will benefit from planting more trees.

“As we focus on fruit trees in this year’s tree planting, let us also derive other benefits such as medicinal, harvesting and processing by products like Amacimbi delicacy, and indeed feed for our animals,” he said.

Matabeleland South Province which is the nation’s beef basket is faced with a drought that seems to be spilling over to the 2019- 2020 agricultural season.